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While companies are increasingly integrating sustainability initiatives into their large industrial projects as a standard practice, understanding the financial value of these investments to their business has remained elusive – until recently.

The Financial Valuation Tool (FV Tool) is free and was designed by International Finance Corporation (IFC) and its partners to help companies from a variety of sectors – including oil and gas, mining, and forestry – calculate their financial return on sustainability investment by better evaluating and mitigating environmental and social risks.

Our goal is to support companies to make better informed  decisions on sustainability investments that will raise the bottom line performance for people, planet and profit.


What the Tool Does

Benefits of the FV Tool 

cloudProvides a platform to assess the financial value of sustainability programs designed to minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts and deliver benefits to communities.

cycleBrings the discipline and language of finance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), enabling practitioners to make a compelling business case for sustainability investments.

Road coneEstimates a Net Present Value (NPV) back to the company based on value protected through mitigation of risks and value created from added benefits.

yeloowbarAllows companies to prioritize sustainability initiatives that will deliver the highest financial return to a company.

SearchIdentifies key internal project contributors and helps build relationships across organizational silos, as functions across companies use this tool collaboratively.

telephoneIncorporates external stakeholders’ interests into decision-making as their perceptions correlate closely to the value of the sustainability programs.

Stepping into the Tool

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Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation, Colombia

Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation (Pacific E&P), is a leading explorer and producer of natural gas and crude oil, with operations focused in Latin America.

Pacific E&P applied the Financial Valuation Tool to express the contribution that their Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio makes to the company in monetary terms (Net Present Value) so that they could build a more robust business case for their portfolio within the company.


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