This section features downloadable publications from some of the world’s most respected institutions that support the benefits of sustainable investment and the goals of the FV Tool. We recommend them as useful resources for FV Tool users and CSR practitioners.


Global Risks 2015

Author: World Economic Forum

Published 2015

This report identifies the most significant risks worldwide across the economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological spectrums. It ranks the top ten risks in terms of likelihood and impact and can be a useful reference for the Risk Mitigation Tool.

2014 Environmental, Social and Governance Impact Report

Author: Goldman Sachs

Published 2015

Highlights of Goldman Sachs’ client work that promotes environmental sustainability and community development. The report looks at the role financial markets and the achievement of business goals play in driving broad economic and social value.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Deciding Matters

Authors: Dr Larry Beeferman & Dr Allan Wain

Published 2013

Through a primarily case study approach, this paper explores in-depth a particular method of deciding upon infrastructure investments and identifies ways that decision-making can be strengthened drawing upon that understanding and a revised version of the linked categories for analysis based on them.

G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines: Reporting Principles and Standard Disclosures

Author: Global Reporting Initiative

Published 2015

Part 1 of G4 has the Standard Disclosures that all organizations use to report their sustainability impacts and performance. It also details the Reporting Principles that enable effective reporting, and the criteria to meet for reporting ‘in accordance’ with the Guidelines.

Sustainability Reporting Guidelines: Implementation Manual

Author: Global Reporting Initiative

Published 2015

The Implementation Manual – part 2 of G4 – is essential for preparing a sustainability report. It explains how to apply the Reporting Principles, how to prepare information, and how to interpret the Guidelines’ concepts.

Measuring Impact. Framework Methodology

Author: World Business Council for Sustainable Development & IFC

Published 2008

An overarching framework that guides companies from any sector through a process of measuring, assessing and managing their impacts on society wherever they operate to enable a better approach to business.

Measuring Value: A Guide to SROI

Author: NEF – New Economics Foundation

Published 2008

This guide to Social Return on Investment (SROI) translates social and environmental outcomes into tangible monetary values, helping organizations and investors see a fuller picture of the benefits that flow from their investment of time, money and other resources.

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