The FV Tool has been applied in several companies in the extractive industries including Rio Tinto, Pacific E&P, Cairn Energy and Newmont. These case studies demonstrate the application of the tool in large scale projects and highlight the resulting business benefits and lessons learned.

Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation, Colombia

Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation, Colombia

Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation (Pacific E&P), is a leading explorer and producer of natural gas and crude oil, with operations focused in Latin America.

Pacific E&P applied the Financial Valuation Tool to express the contribution that their Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio makes to the company in monetary terms (Net Present Value) so that they could build a more robust business case for their portfolio within the company.


Rio Tinto image

Rio Tinto, Southern Africa

Together with Deloitte and IFC, Rio Tinto pioneered the FV Tool to identify key business drivers and assess the return on sustainability investments, such as workforce training, health and biodiversity.

The company was able to demonstrate through financial modeling that investments related to social and environmental activities generated profitability, productivity, and value protection and creation.



Cairn Energy, India

Cairn applied the FV Tool to ascertain the value of its existing community investment portfolio in connection with a 670 km pipeline in Rajasthan.

Site-based practitioners across business functions convened to improve CSR strategy alignment with environmental and social project risks to capture opportunities for cash savings through productivity gains and cost efficiencies.



Newmont Gold Mine, Ghana, Africa

Newmont used the FV Tool at Ahafo, a brownfield site in Ghana, to evaluate sustainability investments that went above and beyond both national regulations and project financing requirements.

Find out how the FV Tool process revealed new ways for the company to quantify value creation and value protection from social investment.


Related IFC Publications

IFC produces materials highlighting best practices and examples from leading companies that are implementing sustainable investments around the world.

Water in the Mining Sector

Author: IFC, ICMM

Published: 2017

This paper presents experiences from meaningful partnerships between companies, local communities and governments to improve infrastructure and achieve better water management throughout and beyond the catchment area. Cases from Mongolia, Peru, South Africa, Canada, and the Upper Hunter Valley and Fitzroy regions of Australia are presented as well as the key lessons learned. We encourage companies to use the lessons highlighted to better integrate collaboration into corporate and operational water strategies.

The Art and Science of Benefit Sharing in the Natural Resource Sector

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2015

This paper presents how IFC, as both an investor and a development organization, determines whether benefits and costs of natural resource development are shared reasonably, and how this assessment influences IFC’s decision to invest in a particular natural resource project.

The Value of Water: A Framework for Understanding Water Valuation, Risk and Stewardship

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2015

An overarching framework that guides companies from any sector through a process of measuring, assessing and managing their impacts on society wherever they operate to enable a better approach to business.

A Practical Guide to Increasing Mining Local Procurement in West Africa

Author: World Bank Energy and Extractives Global Practice

Published: 2015

This document provides information, guidance and tools to support decision-making, planning and implementation of mining local procurement in West Africa, in particular at a country level.

Water Mining and Communities: Creating Shared Value through Sustainable Water Management

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2014

This paper presents the Water, Mining and Communities Framework, which focuses on integrating technical and social approaches to sustainable water management with a goal to achieve co-management of water between various stakeholders.

A Strategic Approach to Early Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Junior Companies in the Extractive Industries

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2014

A handbook that uses good practice approaches and tools to take the reader step-by-step through the process of building trust relationships and gaining and maintaining a social license to operate at each project lifecycle stage.

Strategic Community Investment: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2010

A good practice handbook to help companies doing business in emerging markets optimize strategic community investment.

Local Procurement

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2011

A company guide to getting started in local procurement and realizing the benefits of linkages with local Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Projects and People: A Handbook for Addressing Project-Induced In-Migration

Author: IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory

Published: 2009

A handbook to help address the impacts of project-induced in-migration; the movement of people into an area due to the economic opportunities associated with a new project.

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